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Desert Adventures was founded in March of 1980 by a group of people who got together one night for dinner and found themselves discussing the need for an alternative and better way to meet people and socialize, other than the bars. From that meeting arose Desert Adventures, an organization designed primarily to provide camping, hiking and other outdoor activities for members of our community. Since then, Desert Adventures has expanded its activities to include other recreational activities as well such as tubing, cycling, pool parties, hot air ballooning, 4 wheeling, IMAX theater, plays, trips to zoos, museums, botanical gardens and many other activities.

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Joining the club is easy! Simply click and fill out the application. Once you have read the Terms and Conditions of the club click the Agreement button at the bottom of the form to submit your application. The application process will be complete once we receive payment for the annual membership fee (which is only $25).

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  • All our activities are open to the community. Guests (non-members) pay slightly higher activity fees. If you join Desert Adventures within 30 days of attending an event we will apply the difference between the guest price and member price to the cost of your membership. If you want to learn more about the club we suggest registering for one of our events. Check out our current Calendar of Events and give us a try.
  • If you have any questions about how the club works visit our FAQ & Contact Info pages or email us.

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Desert Adventures is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization. PO Box 2008, Phoenix AZ 85001 • ‪480-630-9202‬ • da411@desertadventures.org
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