How did we come to choose the "Father Sky Yei" for the Desert Adventures logo? It all started when we decided to haver some T-shirts made up to promote the club and the club had no logo. No one had any ideas, so I decided to go the public library on Central Avenue. Since we wanted a logo with a Southwestern flavor, I went to the Arizona Room to look through all of the books and magazines that had something to do with Arizona's culture. While going through some old magazines, I came upon an old photograph that showed a Navajo shaman and a traditional sandpainting that he had been working on. In the next picture, a Navajo woman was sitting in the middle of the sandpainting, and the shaman was reciting some sort of incantation. Apparently, by sitting on the sandpainting and by saying the right words, a person could be protected from all diseases. I felt that this was so apropos to our community and lifestyle that I decided to find out just which "Yei" the shaman had painted in the sand. It turned out to be the "Yei" called "Father Sky."

“Father Sky Yei" symbolizes health and protection from diseases.

The black bars are called "The Bars of Happiness" and symbolize happiness and good times.

Beige T-Shirts were used to represent the down-to-earth color of the sand that the "Yei's" are normally painted on.

D.A. = Healthy environment + Good Times + Down-to-earth organization... A winning formula.

By: Brian Evitch - Founder

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