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Our sitemap

Here is a link to our Sitemap, which lists every page of our website in a kind of "table of contents."

Wild Apricot user guides

Our website is hosted by Wild Apricot, a membership management system. A good place to learn how to use our website is their New Member Guide.

Mobile apps

There are also user apps for Android and iOS. Here are the links to the guides for those apps:

New features!

We have recently unlocked more features for you:

Profile pictures

You may now add a picture to your profile! From the top right corner of any of our web pages when you are logged in, click on "View profile" after your name. See screenshot below:

Screenshot showing 'View profile'

Click the first button, "Edit profile." Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says "Profile picture" and click "Choose file." See screenshot below:

Screenshot showing 'Profile picture' and 'Choose file'

The picture will be cropped square, so make sure the square crop doesn't cut off anything you want in the picture. The picture will be small, so make sure what you want to show can be seen. For this reason, you might want to choose a photo that shows just your head and neck.

After you add your profile picture, it will appear in your directory profile and forum posts.

Direct messaging

You may now send and receive direct messages with other members! When you open a member's profile in the Member Directory, click on the "Send message" button. See screenshot below:

Screenshot showing 'Member details' and 'Send message'

To allow members to send you messages, you will need to check "Show profile to others" and, under "Details to show" for "Send message form," select "Members." See screenshot below:

Screenshot showing profile settings 'Show profile to others' and 'Details to show > Send message form'

Forum discussions

You may now engage in forum discussions with other members! When you are logged in, you will find Members Forum in the Membership menu on every web page. See screenshot below:

Screenshot showing menu 'Membership' and 'Members forum'

Color-coded calendar of events

You may now view the Calendar with color-coded event types! Events are now color-coded according to type: campouts, hikes, outings, and socials. To view the calendar with color-coded events, click "Switch to Calendar View" in the top right corner of the list of events on the calendar. See screenshots below:

Screenshot of Upcoming Events > Switch to Calendar View

Screenshot of calendar in Calendar View

Inclusive gender options

The gender options on our membership form used to be male, female, and unknown. Now we have the following options that are more inclusive of gender diversity: man, woman, transgender man, transgender woman, nonbinary/nonconforming, agender, gender not listed, and prefer not to state. This terminology is drawn from Gender and Forms | Reimagine Gender. Feel free to choose one of the other options listed if the gender displayed in your profile does not match your identity.


You have the option of stating the name you prefer to be called. This form field, called nickname, is already completed, but you are welcome to update it so it has the name you like to be called. If you prefer to be called by your full name, just be sure that's the name in that place in your profile.

Updated waiver & terms

We updated our waiver & terms with links to our bylaws and text messaging policy, so feel free to read them and be sure check the box that says "I have read and agree to the Waiver of Claims and Notice of Membership and Attendance Requirements." Also check the box that says "I consent to receive texts from DA" if you would like to receive texts from the Desert Adventures core group and activity leaders.

Enjoy these new features! If you run into any issues, please email us.

Our email blasts

Your subscriptions

We occasionally send emails to members and previous event attendees who have shown an interest in various kinds of events. One kind of email is an event announcement. These announcements keep you informed of our activities and give you a chance to register or RVSP. You will have a choice of clicking one of the buttons: "Attending," "Not Attending," "Yes," "Maybe," or "No." We sometimes send more than one announcement for an event. Tip: If you are not interested in an event and do not wish to receive another announcement of it, just click "Not Attending" and to opt out of any future announcements of that event. To sign up to receive our emails, edit your profile, select the "Email subscriptions" tab, and check the boxes of the types of emails you wish to receive. See screenshot below:

Screenshot showing 'My profile > Email subscriptions'

Your interests

We try to tailor our announcements to those who will be interested in them; for example, we have a list of members who are interested in camping, and we send announcements of campouts to those members. You can share with us your interests by editing your profile and selecting the kinds of events you are interested in. When you are logged in, just click "View profile" next to your name in the top right corner of any web page, and scroll down until you see "Interests." Then check the types of events you are interest in. See screenshot below:

Screenshot showing profile 'Interests' with choices such as "Tent camping'

If you wish to have more or fewer emails from us on certain topics, feel free to email us to let us know your wishes.

Desert Adventures is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization. PO Box 2008, Phoenix AZ 85001 • ‪480-630-9202‬ • da411@desertadventures.org
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