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Junn: All You Can Eat Sushi

  • 10/22/2022
  • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • 1320 E Broadway Rd Tempe 85282


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Junn Sushi is an All You Can Eat, (AYCE), sushi restaurant. Enjoy quality sushi rolls made to order. They are not a buffet; all of their rolls are handcrafted to order. They also feature a full-service bar with cocktails, wine, sake, soju as well as a view of our sushi chefs creating your sushi orders on the spot.

Junn has a few rules for the AYCE:

  1. Everyone at the table must choose the same AYCE

  2. Leftover food will be charged an additional 20% on top of the AYCE price

  3. Leftover foods cannot be packed “to go”

  4. Please understand some items might be out of stock

  5. Max 5 orders per person at a time to avoid wait time

We will all be ordering the Sushi Lovers AYCE which is currently $27.99. View the menu via the above link. AYCE is everything on the 1st page of the menu. We can share food.

Your event hosts are Joe&Hans who can be reached at:

602-708-9691 (text only)   Sushi@ComputerComprehension.com

P.O. Box 2008 • Phoenix, Arizona 85001 • E-mail da411@desertadventures.org

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