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U-Pick Peaches, Veggies, and Herbs

  • 05/27/2023
  • 10:00 AM
  • Schnepf Farms 24810 S Rittenhouse Queen Creek, AZ 85142


  • Your only cost is for goods you purchase.

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Enjoy a day on the farm. Learn about growing, harvesting, and preparation of garden vegetables and herbs. Shop the market or the bakery for lunch and a little something to take home. You can pick your own peaches and vegetables. Get off your feet for a while and enjoy a train ride ($5.00) around the farm.

Schnepf Farms has been growing peaches for over 50 years. We grow 7 different varieties that ripen at different times throughout the month of May. Some peaches are small, some medium and some larger, depending on the variety. Please know the variety you are purchasing or picking prior to arriving at the farm. All peach sales are FINAL. Mother Nature will determine specific dates for peaches. We grow 7 different varieties and they all ripen at different times. That means there [are] peaches all month long! —Schnepf Farms | Peach Season 2023 Coming in May

Peach varieties

  1. Snow Angel – A small orchard with small to medium size peaches. White peaches do not have any acid and are full of sugars.
  2. Florida Prince – a medium to large sized peach and one of our largest orchards.
  3. Earligrand – the largest peach grown on the farm. Very juicy and sweet, but they do bruise very easily.
  4. Springcrest – a medium size peach and very flavorful.
  5. Florida King – It doesn’t live up to its name because it is a smaller peach but is juicy and sweet.
  6. Princess Peach – a newer variety, a small orchard, but is very sweet.
  7. Schnepf Peach – A medium size peach that continues to impress.

A beautiful day in the country; what could be better?

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