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Meet us at The Horny Toad - Cave Creek

  • 10/25/2024
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • 6738 East Cave Creek Road Cave Creek, AZ 85331




Photo courtesy of Horny Toad Gallery

Join us for All you can eat - FRIDAY - Fish Fry

and other delectable food choices

What's A Horny Toad

Perhaps to Easterners, it's a frog anxiously awaiting an answer to a mating call. Some other innocent soul might visualize a frog with spikes. Well, they are answers, however wrong, but a man named Webster put in a lot of research and when he publicized his book, telling what things meant, he came up with "…any of several, small, scaly insect-eating lizards of the family Iguanidae, genus Phrynosoma, whose body somewhat resembles that of a toad or frog. The body is rough, the tail short, the head furnished with horny spikes. Several species inhabit the arid plains of the southwest U.S…."

We named our restaurant after this much-maligned desert dweller.

The Truly Forgettable Saga of the Horny Toad

Sometime during the last century, an old prospector working the area a few miles northeast of the little town of Phoenix, Arizona, came upon a small watering hole. He thought to himself that this here was mighty purty scenery and he'd bet them easterners would give an arm and a leg for some of this property. They could build them some roads and put up funny names on the street signs and everybody'd be carefree, even if they had to live in caves and drink from the creek. Unpacking his burro, he ate the wrapped tortilla prepared by the Mexican cook back in Phoenix before he unloaded his donkey. As he sat stirring the campfire, he noticed the ruckus the frogs over on the other side of the pond made with their mating calls. They sure sound anxious, he thought to himself. His aching feet reminded him not to buy any more of those 2 for $5.00 boots. As he eased the boots off to soak his tired feet, he saw the many calluses they had given him and he said to himself, "I sure am getting horny toed."

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